Sugar Daddy & Sugar Momma Scam

Sugar Mama & Sugar Daddy Scam 
Who’s the target?

Mainly young people and college students, but anyone can be susceptible.

What’s their goal?

To obtain your money by sending you a fraudulent payment that you are then instructed to pay back or split with someone else using your own legitimate funds.

How do they do it?

A stranger reaches out to you on social media or a dating app offering to help you out in the form of a weekly or monthly allowance. Then, they will send you a counterfeit payment and ask you to send a portion of the money to someone you don’t know. You then deposit the counterfeit check and send a payment to someone else as instructed. Before you know it, the check you deposited is returned as illegitimate, you’ve sent your money to a third party, and the payment you thought you had is gone along with your own funds.

Red flags:
  • They’re offering to help you out, and sympathizing with your money problems
  • They’re offering a weekly or monthly allowance
  • They’re asking you to send money to someone you don’t know
How can we stay safe?
  • Don't answer strangers on social media
  • Safeguard your private information
  • Don't send payments of any kind to someone you don't know
If you think you have been scammed:
  • Contact all your financial institutions as soon as possible
  • Contact
  • Contact the Social Security Fraud Hotline (if applicable)
  • Contact the DMV (if applicable)

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