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Savings Accounts

NCUA Coverage
Savings balances are federally insured up to $250,000.

Click here for current rates. Dividends are compounded daily and paid quarterly for savings accounts.

Description Minimum Opening Balance Minimum Balance
Primary Savings The easy way to start saving. A minimum $5 deposit is all you need to own one “share” of Blackhawk Community Credit Union. This brings you all the benefits of membership, including the right to vote for our Board of Directors. $5 $5
Name Your Savings Save for a future event such as a vacation, wedding, insurance, or even that expensive lawn mower you’ve been wanting to buy. As long as you have a Primary Savings account, you can open any additional savings accounts and you can name them anything you want! $0 $0
Christmas Club A Christmas club lets you save for the holidays before you shop.

  • Accounts start on the first business day in November
  • On the last business day in October, all funds will be automatically transferred to your regular Share Account.
$0 $0
Vacation Club Vacation Club accounts are savings accounts that are specially designed to help members save for a vacation. $0 $0
Challenge Club The Challenge Club is a tool for members to build their personal savings. It’s meant to make saving easy because it starts small and builds. In a one-year period, on a weekly basis, the member makes a deposit that incrementally steps up by $1. So, week one is a $1 deposit, week two is a $2 deposit, week three is a $3 deposit, and it keeps building to week 52, which is a $52 deposit. A full year of deposits ends with $1,378.

Because this is a club account, when we reach the end of the year, we also reach the end of the club, so the balance in the account is transferred to the account the member designated at account opening. Then, the club account is set back to zero to start again for the new year.

There can only be one Challenge Club account per member.

$0 $0
Wealth Builder A Wealth Builder Account allows members to earn a higher interest rate with the convenience of liquidity and flexibility. $10,000 $10,000 to avoid monthly service fee


Youth Savings Accounts

Description Minimum Opening Balance Minimum Balance
Youth Savings Account Blackhawk rewards children for starting good savings habits by paying a higher rate of interest on their deposits. A youth savings account with a higher savings rate can be set up for any child under 18. $5 $5
Money Minder Account Ages 12 & Under, Joint Account with an adult

  • Earn higher interest on savings account balances
  • Deposit anytime with the Smart Saver Certificate, featuring no minimum and up to a 12-month term
  • Pay allowance automatically with Allowance Transfer
  • FREE piggy bank!
$0 $5
Money Maker Account Ages 13 to 17, Joint Account with an adult

  • Earn Money Minder savings rates; Even higher rates when balance is over $1,000
  • Enjoy the Smart Saver Certificate, featuring no minimum and up to a 12 month term
  • Obtain an ATM Card with a maximum withdrawal limit with joint owner’s permission
  • Open a Hawk’s checking account

At ages 16 & 17 there are some additional benefits to your savings:

  • An increase in the ATM Card maximum withdrawal amount
  • Gain deposit capability
  • Start using Online and Mobile Banking with joint owner’s permission
$0 $5