Partnering with the Janesville School District for Financial Literacy

Blackhawk Community Credit Union student branches in Janesville Parker and Craig High Schools
August 14, 2013 by lpalma

Blackhawk Community Credit Union was recently awarded a grant from the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation to help offer web-based personal finance lessons to students in grades K-12 in the Janesville School District. To help accomplish this goal, we purchased 10 iPads that serve as portable teaching devices. Each iPad includes 20 applications that we researched and selected to meet the needs of various grade levels on key financial topics and to appeal to student interests.
This summer we have been designing lessons for students to use with the iPads to engage in financial learning and decision-making. Lessons will cover such areas as saving and wealth building, improving creditworthiness and budgeting. We are also training six of our student tellers to be Financial Literacy Student Ambassadors. They will serve as role models and leaders in their schools providing peer-to-peer financial education.
With the partnership we established with the Janesville Schools, the District is now requiring all students to complete a financial literacy course prior to graduation, starting with the 2014-2015 school year.
For more information on our financial literacy efforts, please contact Teresa Riesterer, Financial Literacy Coordinator, at 608.314.1440.