Member Alert

Spoofed Phone Number

Some members have received a call or text from 800-779-5555. If you receive a call or text message from 800-779-5555, please be aware that it is fraudulent, and not from Blackhawk Community Credit Union. Our 800-779-5555 number is a call-in-only number for account help. You will never get a call from us using this number, and we will never ask you for your online banking passwords.

If you have answered a call or text message from these numbers and provided any online banking credentials, please reset all online banking information for your account safety.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at 800-779-5555 for help from one of our call center agents.

Please Remember

  • Blackhawk Community Credit Union will NEVER call you and request your card or account information. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters that will try to impersonate financial institutions in order to steal information from you. They can be very clever and even “spoof” phone numbers that make it appear it’s coming from a legitimate number. Learn more from the Federal Communications Commission here.
  • Guard your personal information – Crooks pretending to be from companies you do business with may call or send an email, claiming they need to verify your personal information. Do NOT provide your credit card or account information or your social security number. Be especially suspicious if someone claiming to be from a company with whom you have an account asks for information the business already has.
  • The Social Security Administration, IRS, and other government agencies will NOT contact you via telephone.
  • Know who you’re dealing with – In any transaction that you conduct, check out the business with the Better Business Bureau to see if the business is credible.
  • Be cautious about unsolicited phone calls and emails – They can be fraudulent. If a phone call seems suspicious, end the call and call the company back at the phone number on their website. The best approach with email may simply be to delete them because responding to unknown senders may verify that yours is a working email address and cause more unwanted email.
  • Resist pressure – Legitimate companies will give you time to make a decision.
  • Check your accounts and your credit reports regularly – Review your account balances and your transaction history on a regular basis. If you find a transaction that doesn’t seem familiar, contact us immediately. You are entitled to free copies of your credit reports once a year. They are only available through or 877.322.8228.
  • If you are ever contacted by Blackhawk and it seems unusual, please end the call and call us back to confirm the call. If you have any questions, our Call Center is here to help at 608.755.6065 or 800.779.5555.

Scam Awareness

We believe that awareness is our first defense against scammers and fraud, so read our monthly blog and watch our tip videos to learn more about the most common scams we see, what the red flags are, and how to avoid being scammed in the future. Stay connected and protected!

Scam Awareness Blog