Donald Millar

February 5, 2024 by Jeffrey Cross

Donald Millar: Veteran, BHCCU Member, True American

I’ve had the fortune and honor to spend some time with a true American, Donald Millar, who has been a BHCCU Member since 2016, but more importantly is a Korean War Veteran who to this day at 91 years of age is active every day spreading the word to help Veterans and Americans who want to gain access to information about Veteran’s assistance and programs. What I was so impressed with is Donald’s unwavering ability to help our fellow Americans each day. In November of 2017, Donald helped start the website US Veterans Project Library with the mission to educate the American people in military affairs through the public library systems. The website is designed to help individuals who may not have a home computer but can access a computer at the public library to get information about veteran’s affairs.

Donald spent two years in active duty during the Korean War as a Private First Class in a seven-man unit in the Marine Corps under ANGLICO (Air-Navel-Gun-Liaison-Company). The doctrinal purpose of ANGLICO is to provide fire support and coordination in support of units adjacent to the MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force). Donald then spent six years in the active reserves.

Upon completion of his active military service, Donald started a family and has four children and now has four great grandchildren. Donald has had multiple business career opportunities throughout the years in broadcasting, marketing, and sales, but Donald is most proud of being the tour guide for seventeen years on the USS Cobia SS 245 Class Submarine which is still currently stationed in Manitowoc, WI and available for tours.

Donald took the Honor Flight to Washington DC in 2015 and most recently took a BHCCU-sponsored Veterans bus trip from Beloit, WI to Washington, DC in 2023.

I asked Donald how we as civilians can better support veterans and he said, “Veterans should take the lead to educate the public on military affairs.”

I feel it is important to not only acknowledge Donald as a veteran, but also to acknowledge Donald as an outstanding member at BHCCU who loves dropping in to our Milton Branch twice a month to engage with our staff. It is sometimes the small things in life, like our staff interactions with Donald that give him joy and fulfillment. BHCCU Employee Teresa Riesterer had this to say about Donald: “Every time Donald enters the doors of Blackhawk Community Credit Union, we know we are in for a treat!  The conversations we have are enjoyable, and Donald’s laugh is infectious!  Our smiles are bigger, and our hearts are fuller when Donald leaves”.

I will always thank Donald for being a BHCCU Member and for his service to this country. What he is doing to make a positive difference each day for our American Veterans is beyond extraordinary. I’ll embrace the fact that we are free because of veterans like Donald who paved the way with sacrifices for us to all enjoy what we are thankful for today. Thanks, Donald, for allowing me to spend some time with you and I’m a better man for that reason alone.