Direct Deposit

Free checking and savings accounts at Blackhawk Community Credit Union

Direct Deposit

Receive your payroll, Social Security, pension, or government check automatically and on time with direct deposit. Your deposit will be sent electronically directly into your account before our branches open. Save time by eliminating waiting in line or for the mail to arrive. You can automatically deposit any amount of your check into your Blackhawk checking, saving, or making a loan payment.
Simply contact your pay provider to initiate direct deposit to your Blackhawk Community Credit Union account.

Savings Deposits

  • Your Blackhawk account number
  • Our routing number is 275978048

Checking Deposits

If you are making a deposit to a checking, it will require a copy of a voided check.
Direct deposit check example
The account number for checking accounts will not match your savings account number.
If your employer or depositor does not have their own form, please use our Direct Deposit Authorization Form.