Contactless Cards

VISA® Credit Cards at Blackhawk Community Credit Union. Local First credit card.

Contactless Cards: you can now tap to pay at checkout.

Your new Blackhawk Community Credit Union Visa® card comes complete with the latest in secure, contactless chip technology. Pay at millions of locations with one simple, secure tap.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your card to contactless, especially while you are trying to keep safe and healthy. To make a purchase, simply tap and pay. We know you might have questions about this upcoming innovation, so we are answering all of them below.

What are contactless cards?

Your contactless card will be a safer, easier way to make in-store purchases. While you can make payments by simply tapping the payment system or card swipe, this does not take away your ability to insert or swipe your card, as some merchants still do not have contactless abilities.

How do I know if I can pay contactless?

Just look for this icon: Contactless cards icon

How secure are contactless cards?

The answer is, very secure! We know that innovations like these can raise some questions and cause some doubts, but we are here to make sure you understand the process and answer any questions you may have. Contactless cards make payments using Near Field Communication (NFC). This gives you the ability to “tap to pay.” Contactless cards provide the same level of security as your current card does.

Will my contactless card be different than my current card?

The only difference is your ability to tap to pay. Your contactless card will still have a card number, an expiration date, and a CVV, so making payments online will be no different than they are now. Because your new contactless card will have all the same information, it is important to keep it secure just as you do now. Never share your information with anyone and keep your card in a secure place like your wallet or purse.

How can I switch to a contactless card?

You can call our Card Services Department at 800.779.5555 to order a contactless card.

Go Contactless

While we know you may have more questions, we hope we answered all the main ones. If you have more questions about switching to a contactless card, we are happy to assist you via direct message on Facebook or Instagram, a call or text to 800.779.5555, or email