Annual Notice Regarding Non-Visa PIN-Less Debit Transactions

Annual Notice Regarding Non-Visa PIN-Less Debit Transactions

To ensure debit card users are notified, Visa® requires us to share the following information. Your transactions may not be processed as Visa transactions within a specified ATM network.

You may use your Visa debit card to initiate both Visa debit transactions and non-Visa debit transactions without using a personal identification number (PIN) to authenticate the transactions.

To initiate a Visa debit transaction, you may sign a receipt, provide a card number, or swipe your card through a point-of-sale (POS) terminal and choose to route the transaction over a Visa network.

To initiate a non-Visa debit transaction, enter a PIN at a point-of-sale terminal or, for certain bill payment transactions, provide the account number for an e-commerce or mail/telephone order transaction after clearly indicating a preference to route it as a non-Visa transaction. We have enabled non-Visa debit transaction processing on the Pulse ATM network(s).

The rights and protections applicable only to Visa debit transactions, including additional consumer liability limits and streamlined error resolution procedures, as described in your Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure, will not apply to transactions processed through non-Visa networks.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding this notice at 800-779-5555.