52 Week Challenge

52 Week Savings Challenge

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2022? If there is one New Year’s resolution that will help you the most in the long run, it’s making a vow to save more money.

Saving is less difficult when it becomes an automated routine, and you’ll reap the benefits in a big way at the end of the year. Try our 52 Week Challenge! It starts January 1st, but you can join anytime. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Call our Contact Center at 800-779-5555 to add the 52 Week Challenge to your account.
  • On the first Friday of the year, $1 will automatically be transferred from an account of your choosing to the 52 Week Challenge account. On the 2nd Friday of the year, $2 will be transferred. On the 3rd Friday of the year, $3 will be transferred – and so on.
By the 52nd week of the year, you will have saved $1,378, and you’ll even have a chance to have your savings matched by the credit union. Check out a list of FAQs about the 52 Week Challenge.

Ready to get started? 

Already have an account, but want to add the 52 Week Savings Challenge? Give us a call at 800.779.5555 to get it set up.