52 Week Challenge


Start a 52 Week Challenge Savings Account Today

Saving is less difficult when it becomes an automated routine, and you’ll reap the benefits in a big way at the end of the year. Try our 52 Week Challenge! It starts January 1st, but you can join anytime. 

It's Effortless!

  1. Open a 52 Week Challenge Savings Account and deposit $1.
  2. On week two we will automatically move $2 into your Challenge Account, $3 on week three and so on until 52 weeks when you will have a balance of $1,378 plus interest.
  3. By participating you are automatically entered for the chance to have your Challenge Account money doubled!
Check out a list of FAQs about the 52 Week Challenge.

Ready to get started? 

Already have an account, but want to add the 52 Week Savings Challenge? Give us a call at 800.779.5555 to get it set up.