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Celebrating International Women’s Day and a Progression Toward Gender Equality

A recognition of two of the first female plant supervisors at General Motors Janesville Only 23.6% of jobs within the motor vehicle equipment manufacturing industry were held by women in 2019, with an even smaller percent of women holding upper-level positions. When Judy Ludwig Scott and Julie Monahan began their careers at the Janesville, Wisconsin, General Motors (GM) assembly plant in 1979 they remember that number being lower. Gender inequality was present. They were two of only a small number of female plant supervisors for the truck manufacturing department. This International Women’s Day, Blackhawk Community Credit Union honors women leaders like Ludwig Scott and Monahan who helped advance gender equality through monumental roles at GM. Blackhawk was the credit union of many employees of Janesville GM--the oldest operating GM assembly plant in the U.S. when it closed its doors in 2009. “I had a manager at GM, Tom Hogan, who spoke out against gender inequality

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