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Online Banking

BHCCU provides secure access to your personal accounts with our online banking service. To register for online access to your accounts, simply click the Online Banking login button “Sign Up” to complete the online form. Your request will be processed by the next business day. For more immediate access, please contact us at (800) 779-5555 or (608) 755-6065. (Registered home banking members click the icon below to access your accounts)

Our Online Banking offers a host of online services to provide you with convenience and security.

Online Security - Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security system that protects your account when more than one form of authentication is implemented to verify the legitimacy of a transaction. It uses a combination of ways to authenticate your identity for an extra layer of security. When you sign up for this service, your identity is protected by using a selected online banking ID rather than your account number, you will be asked for a secure password, and you will also select a security image. If the system detects unusual behavior such as a login from an unknown pc, transactions outside your norm, or the type of transaction is a higher risk, you will be asked to respond to a challenge question, known as Knowledge Based Authentication whenever you sign in. These layers of security protect you in online banking, bill pay and mobile banking.

Online Banking Information

Our online banking service gives you complete access to your BHCCU accounts.

  • View all of you savings, checking and loan accounts on one screen.
  • Search your history for items that have cleared or deposits you are expecting. All histories are printable!
  • Transfer money between accounts immediately. When you click the button you can be assured the funds are deposited.
  • All balance information is real-time. That means your online balance matches the balance at the credit union. No transaction delays!
  • View images of checks that have cleared
  • Review pending debit card transactions
  • Personalize your Online Banking with widgets

Sign up for e-statements and start receiving your monthly email notification when statements are available. No more waiting for the printed statement. It is more secure than paper statements in your mailbox and we’ll keep e-copies for a rolling 12 month period. It also helps save the environment!

Check Images

Just click on any personal check number in your history and you will be able to view the front and back of any checks paid from your account – at no charge.

Bill Pay
  • Bill payment lets you pay your bills online with a BHCCU checking account – and it’s FREE! There is no limit to the number of bills you pay.
  • It is a fast and easy way to pay bills. Whether it is a one-time payment or one that you make every month.
  • Once you set up your payee, use Bill Pay to set up the payment schedule! You pick the amount, date, and the frequency.
  • No more stamps or reason to buy more checks!
  • Online banking members can also pay bills from your mobile phone!
  • Pay a friend- even if all you know is their email address or create a gift check with a custom message.
  • Register for e-bill to have selected bill presented to you electronically for payment.
  • Use the calendar for a quick view of all your payments and reminders.
  • Convenient “show me how” buttons are located throughout the program for instant help of watch of bill pay video demo (add link)

If you are a small business we even have FREE business bill pay!

Mobile Banking

Access and manage your account, pay your bills, and find ATMs from your Smartphone or use our Text banking option for fast access.
Mobile banking is FREE,* convenient, flexible and safe.

*BHCCU does not charge for mobile banking but please refer to your carrier agreement for text or browser charges.


New Online Banking Features:


One of the first times you access your account we will ask you for 3 security questions.  You may be asked to verify these questions when a transaction is considered higher risk.

Message Center

Use our secure message center that allows for safe, secure, exchange of your confidential information.


Create your own dashboard using widgets.  This gives you a quick view of information that is important to you.


Transfers within your account are immediate. With our new Online banking you will also be able to transfer money from other financials in the near future. If you are a Bill Pay user, you can even transfer money to individuals. Just click on the Bill Pay tab for more information.


Do your banking on the go. Choose Text Banking or access our app using any phone with an internet browser.

Reset Password

Our new Online Banking system lets you reset your password without contacting the credit union. No more being locked out over the weekend. Just be sure to set your reset question in User Options menu/Personal Tab/modify personal settings.