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Want to know when a deposit was made or a large withdrawal was taken from your account? Send yourself an e-Alert by email or text. You have many options to set up notices to yourself. eAlerts are a FREE resource offered to help you take control of your finances.

Transaction Alerts

Get an alert for a particular check that clears, deposits, or withdrawal. You set the amount and the type of transactions you want to monitor.

Overdraft Alerts

Receive a message when your overdraft protection is activated.

Balance Alerts

Be notified when your account reaches a high or low-balance threshold that you determine. It can save you from expensive overdrafts!

Loan Alerts

If you have a loan or mortgage at BHCCU, you have many loan alerts options like loan due dates, payment notifications, line of credit balances, and past due alerts.

Online Security Alerts

Be sure your online account is secure by sending yourself an alert every time your account is accessed on Online Banking, online transactions are performed, or when account changes are requested online.

Security Alerts

You can be notified every time your account is accessed online to make sure no one else is accessing your account

Worried about someone reading your messages by accident? Don’t be! When you set up the alerts you can choose the level of detail provided in each message.