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Youth Savings Accounts

Blackhawk Community Credit Union is committed to helping parents get their children off on the right foot financially. We offer several specially designed packages to help them learn to save, spend and borrow responsibly.

Under 18:

Youth Savings Account

BHCCU rewards children for starting good savings habits by paying a higher rate of interest on their deposits. A youth savings account with a higher savings rate can be set up for any child under 18. All you need is $5 to open.

Money Minder Accounts

Ages 12 & Under, Joint Accounts with an Adult

  • Earn higher interest on savings account balances
  • Deposit anytime with the Smart Saver Certificate, featuring no minimum and up to a 12 month term
  • Pay allowance automatically with Allowance Transfer
  • Receive piggy bank

Money Maker Accounts

Ages 13 to 17, Joint Accounts with an Adult

  • Earn Money Minder savings rates; Even higher rates when balance is over $1,000
  • Enjoy the Smart Saver Certificate, featuring no minimum and up to a 12 month term
  • Obtain an ATM Card with a maximum withdrawal limit with joint owner’s permission
  • Open a Hawk’s checking account

Money Maker Accounts

At ages 16 & 17 there are some additional benefits to your savings

  • An increase in the ATM Card maximum withdrawal amount
  • Gain deposit capability
  • Start using Online and Mobile Banking with joint owner’s permission

Hawks Checking

That perfect first checking account. Convenient, secure, and no minimum balance, no service charges or per check charges, and your balances earn dividends. Eligible members are age 13-17.

  • First box of checks free (25 count)
  • Free Online & Mobile Banking
  • Debit Card available with parent signature. (Withdrawal limits are age-based.)
  • Free eStatements

Membership automatically makes graduating high school seniors eligible for BHCCU’s college scholarships.


Over 18:

Liberty Checking

Liberty Checking is a free basic checking as a long as you use e-statements. No per check fees or minimum balances! You also get a host of other free services that you would expect from your credit union.

  • Online Banking
  • No annual fee Debit Card
  • Mobile Banking (text or smart phone)
  • Bill pay
  • eStatements
  • eAlerts to help you track your balance

Student Loans

Although Blackhawk does not currently provide student loan financing, there are many great resources available to help you through the process.

The first step in preparing for college is applying for Federal Student Aid. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

After making use of grants, scholarships and federal loans, there still may be unmet education expenses. There are private student loans available, but keep in mind they are not backed by the federal government, offer less flexibility and will likely have a higher interest rate.


You may be able to combine your existing Federal education loans into one new consolidated loan that offers several advantages.

Loan Consolidation

For more information on preparing for college check out this site!


A website that provides students and college graduates with important information on money management, student loans, budgeting and credit cards. It provides helpful information, techniques, tools and practical advice on how to approach financial situations.