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Get notified when your Blackhawk statement is available by email, instead of snail mail and take advantage of the benefits:

  • No paper. This means less clutter and daily mail to worry about.
  • Get your statement information faster. Because it’s automated you don’t have to wait for delivery time.
  • Increased security for peace of mind. Your confidential account information is securely protected with eStatements. While a paper statement can easily be taken from an unlocked mailbox, eStatements are located on your Online Banking page through a secure connection.

To start receiving eStatements

  1. Log in to Online Banking and click the eDocuments tab at the top of the page.
  2. Read the disclosure and Click I Accept if you accept the terms in the disclosure. Then enter your email address to submit.


What if I want to cancel eStatements?

You can click on the eStatements tab in Online Banking. Click on eStatements Options. In the Select dialog box, choose “Cancel eStatements”. That’s all there is to it.

What if I didn't receive my eStatement?

Undeliverable emails will result in a cancellation from eStatements. Blackhawk will mail your statement via U.S. postal mail; along with a letter informing you that eStatements has been cancelled. You will need to re-enroll if you would like to receive eStatements again.

What if my email address changes?

You can click on the eStatements tab in Online Banking. Click on eStatements Options. In the Select dialog box, choose “Update email address”. That’s all there is to it.

What if I need a paper copy of my statement?

You can print your eStatement on your personal printer or call us at 608.755.6065 or 800.779.5555 to have a copy mailed to you. There is a $1.00 statement copy fee.

Are there any system requirements?

Yes, you must have the following:

  • You must be signed up for Blackhawk Online Banking
  • You must have an active email address
  • You must have Adobe Reader 4.0 or higher installed on your personal computer to read the statement
  • You must have the latest version of a web browser with 128-bit encryption
  • We strongly recommend the use of a DSL or cable modem (dial-up connection will work, but it will be slow)
  • You will need a printer if you wish to print paper copies of your statements
  • You will have an option for either eStatements or paper statements. You will not receive both on a monthly basis
When during the month will my eStatements be available?

Your monthly and quarterly statements will be available within the first week of the new month or quarter

I just enrolled, how soon will I get my eStatements?

It takes one statement cycle to begin receiving eStatements. Please be aware that some statements are sent monthly and some are sent quarterly.

Can I enroll by calling Blackhawk or visiting a Blackhawk branch?

No, you must enroll via Online Banking. Blackhawk employees are unable to accept paper enrollment forms because electronic enrollment is a requirement of the federal eSign Act.

Can I just receive my monthly statements via email and receive my credit card statements via U.S. postal mail?

No, if you sign up for eStatements, all Blackhawk-generated statements for your member number will be available online.

What statements can I receive via email?

You will be notified by email that your statements are ready for viewing. Your monthly, quarterly, VISA credit card statements can all be reviewed and printed by logging into Online Banking.

Is there a cost for eStatements?

No, eStatements are free of charge. And using eStatements is good for the environment, saves paper and saves the credit union money enabling us to pay higher dividends to our members.