Building Projects Status Update

Blackhawk Community Credit Union announcements

May 7, 2020 by Leslie Hulick

As was reported in the media and various social media outlets, Blackhawk Community Credit Union had two major building projects in progress before the pandemic. One was a new headquarters building on Rockport Road in Janesville and the other was a Legacy Center in downtown Janesville to honor our members that worked for GM.

With recent events surrounding the pandemic and the economy, it is not yet clear how our community, our members, and our credit union will be affected. During this time, we will shift our focus to helping our members and keeping the credit union strong. Therefore, the headquarters project has been canceled and  Legacy Center project is on hold.

The building at 100 W. Milwaukee Street will be secured, but no new construction will take place at this site. It is still in our plans to preserve and honor the GM employee legacy in our future endeavors.

Blackhawk Community Credit Union still owns the property on Rockport Rd. and will continue to hold it as an asset.

The Blackhawk Board of Directors and Senior Management Team will wait for things to normalize, reassess the credit union’s needs, and make good long-term decisions for the future of the membership.

If you have any questions, please contact CeeCee Philipps, Director of Marketing, at 608.302.8668 or