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Checking Your Balance Through an ATM or While Shopping

Have you recently used an ATM or gone shopping and noticed that you were prompted to check your balance? Many ATM owners and retailers have started adding balance inquiries to the withdrawal and check-out processes in order to generate more income from fees. Each time you check your balance at an ATM or retailer there is a service charge passed on to Blackhawk from the ATM owner or retailer. Because of this change, the cost of using an ATM that is not owned by Blackhawk and checking out at a store is increasing. Blackhawk is charging $.50 for these types of balance inquiries; however, we provide you with many ways to avoid this fee. There are lots of options to check your savings and checking balances for FREE !

They include:

  • Online banking at www.bhccu.org
  • Mobile banking anywhere, anytime at www.bhccu.org
  • Text for your balance by texting “bal” to 89549* (requires set-up in online banking)
  • Phone banking at 800-779-7778
  • Talking with us in our Call Center at 800-779-5555
  • After you make a withdrawal or deposit using an ATM, your ATM receipt will show your new balance

If you have any questions or we can help you avoid this fee, please contact us today at 800-779-5555.