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Online Security

Blackhawk Community Credit Union works hard to protect your account from security threats.  We employ a ‘layered approach’ of multiple barriers between your account information and the outside world rather than just a single level of security. We utilize such measures as multi-factor authentication, encryption, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, around-the-clock proactive monitoring, routers, demilitarized zones and antivirus protection.

Last month a couple of news stories made mainstream media about a specific type of cyber- attack called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) against some of the most well-known US bank and credit unions sites. These types of attacks are not new, and they are happening on a constant basis.

What is a “distributed denial of services”? In the world of internet banking, DDoS generally refers to an attempt to disrupt or suspend online service by saturating the Online Banking network or web site with external communication requests to overload its server. This results in legitimate users not being able to logon or the system responding slowly.

Due to the nature of the attacks, it is difficult to prevent DDoS attacks, but we have established a process to identify and mitigate their effectiveness.  There is no one prevention method that is effective for all attempts so our web site uses a lot of dynamic resources.  For example, we monitor bandwidth usage, use firewall logs to determine what is being targeted, and use an intrusion prevention system to identify and deny inappropriate traffic.  While we cannot fully prevent cyber-attacks, we continue to implement precautions to ensure that our network is safe and your account information is protected from cyber criminals.